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Azospirillum, nitrogen fixing bacteria is a non-symbiotic microaerophilic nitrogen fixer in association with the roots of sorghum, maize, rice, wheat, millet and cotton etc. Azospirillum strains are known for their production of plant growth hormones that enhance root systems, as well as, their ability to fix nitrogen. To ensure adequate plant growth, it is important to inoculate seed at planting with the correct strain of Azospirillum. INOCULATING PLANTS WITH AZOSPIRILLIUM CAN ACHIEVE SUBSTANTIAL INCREASES IN SEED GERMINATION, GRAIN AND BIOMASS YIELD, NITROGEN FIXATION AND POST-CROP SOIL NITRATE LEVELS FOR CROP ROTATION BENEFITS This product contains 400 million CFU of live Azospirillium strains per gram of formulation to ensure high levels of nitrogen fixation.



Directions: Apply at a rate of 4 oz per acre: Band or mix with seeds, or add to furrow: Rates may vary by crop and planting density (1 lb treats 4 acres ) (5 lbs treats 20 acres). Water applications: Apply 1 lb with 100 gallons. The powder size comes in particle sizes less than 220 microns (screen 90-100). Agitate solution, mix well.


5lb bags

Nitrogen Fix 5 lbs (Azospirillum Brasilense)

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