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This is the first all- in -one product that incorporates mycorrhiza, worm castings, biochar, and micro nutrients. These ingredients you already know are effective, but when mix together these specialized ingredients form an extensive microbial chain that allows for optimal nutrient uptake.

This product can be applied directly to the potting soil  as a powder or a drench and mixed with other fertilizers and amendments.

Use on vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs and trees.

Water In-

Mix one scoop with 1 gallon of water and apply

Container size Amount of Big Foot Concentrate
0-4 inch seedling less than .5 ” Caliper 1 scoop/tsp Treats 6- 12 plants
1 gallon or 2′-5′  more than .5′ Caliper 1 scoop/tsp Treats 2-3 plants
5 gallon or 5-1o’ tree more thank 1″ caliper 2 scoops/tsp Treats 1-2 plants


Sprinkle in potting hole during transplanting



  • Drought stress
  • Water and fertilizer needs



  • Flowering and fruiting
  • Water and nutrient storage and uptake
  • Root growth



  • Extensive root system
  • Soil structure
  • Plant establishment

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